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Get the more you deserve with natural gas

From endless hot water to more delicious meals to faster, less wrinkled laundry, enjoy more benefits every day with natural gas.

Get the more you deserve with natural gas
Natural Gas Does More flame

When it comes to “why natural gas” there’s no question.

Get luxurious whole-home comfort with natural gas. As a Florida Public Utilities natural gas customer, you’ll benefit from lower utility bills while enjoying more amenities (both indoors and out). Plus, save right away with more than $1,000 in appliance rebates.

More Value

more value

Natural gas is the energy that does more to fuel value, comfort and reliability.

More Savings

more savings

The more appliances you convert to natural gas, the more savings you’ll experience.

More Comfort

more comfort

Turn the comforts of home into the luxuries of home with natural gas appliances that do more.

More Reliability

more reliability

Natural gas works in power outages, so you will always be hurricane-ready.

Natural Gas does

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When you add energy-efficient natural gas equipment to your business, save on operating costs while boosting your bottom line.

Natural Gas does

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Whether it’s energizing local Florida economies or innovating new technologies, natural gas makes more possible. Discover how natural gas is helping our state build a better tomorrow.

Natural Gas does

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Florida Public Utilities is committed to supporting programs, organizations and projects that enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Natural Gas does

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Save money, save time and save energy. Natural gas gives you more while costing less. Experience more advantages when you add natural gas to your home’s energy mix.

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