Natural Gas Does More

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Natural gas powers more industry

Natural gas is doing more to power more industries. But from innovating new technologies and energizing local economies— to reducing our dependence on foreign oil—it’s also helping us build a brighter tomorrow.

Natural gas powers more industry
Did you know?

Did you know?

Industrial applications account for 33% of total natural gas consumption.

More energy savings

more energy-savings

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More essential products

more essential (and everyday!) products

From the medication in your medicine cabinet to the steel in your office building, more industries across Florida and the United States use natural gas to produce materials we use every day. But did you know more than 95% of the products we use daily are derived from or powered by natural gas? This includes plastics, medicine, cosmetics, glass, ceramics, steel, cement, brick, tile and paper.

More innovative systems

more innovative systems

Natural gas is used as a fuel for process heating, in combined heat and power systems, and as a raw material to produce hydrogen—which can be used to produce fuel cells. Natural gas absorption systems are also used extensively in industry to heat and cool water more efficiently.

More versatile applications

more versatile applications

Natural gas is also a favorite of the commercial sector for its versatility. It can heat water and buildings, operate refrigeration and cooling equipment, cook and fry food, and dry clothing and linens.

more transitional solutions

more transitional solutions

Weather patterns show wind and solar are only available to produce energy about 25% of the time. Natural gas availability is always on 24/7/365. Natural gas is 100% ready to partner with renewables to fill the gap when demand outpaces storage.

More energy independence

more energy independence

A vital part of our nation’s energy supply, natural gas is produced right here in the U.S.—helping support and create jobs across Florida communities. Natural gas is not only a more efficient energy source for your business, but it’s also a smart choice for our energy future.

More economic impact

more economic impact

Natural gas has attracted nearly $200 billion in new U.S. manufacturing investment, creating 468,000 new jobs by 2025. This is another way natural gas does more.

More renewable energy

more renewable energy

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is an affordable and reliable waste-derived fuel that can be used to power homes, businesses and even vehicles. RNG is created by capturing methane from existing sources of waste – such as food waste, wastewater sludge, or agricultural waste (like animal manure)—and converting it into renewable natural gas that can be used in any natural gas application.

More reliable service

more reliable service

Natural gas is the fuel that does more to provide safe, reliable service. Natural gas works in power outages, so Florida homes, businesses and crucial industries will always be more hurricane-ready.


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